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UNDP champions AI to accelerate progress towards sustainable development, whilst steadfastly promoting human rights. This involves the ethical, transparent and sustainable development and utilization of AI technologies to ensure their deployment strengthens local AI ecosystems and advances human dignity, equality and justice for all.​


Thinking through a DEEP lens

AI is fundamentally about people. Applications of AI need to be led by lives and livelihoods, not just data points and digital. Putting people at the centre of AI thinking, piloting and scaling is a crucial foundation of our AI approach at UNDP.


Demystify & democratise

AI should be accessible to all. We need everyone in society to understand AI – its terminology, usage, risks, and potential benefits.


Empower people

AI should serve people. We need to move beyond awareness-raising and support them in using AI to improve their lives and livelihoods.


Explore & experiment

AI is evolving rapidly. AI needs to be tested in a safe and secure way to understand how it can have the greatest positive impact.


Protect people

We must put people and their rights and safety at the centre. This includes tackling issues of bias and ensuring accountability in AI usage.


In the country context, UNDP has been an early explorer and advocate for the power and potential (and development imperative) of AI.  For example, UNDP India was using AI back in 2020 to tackle air pollution, whilst AI has been used by UNDP Country Offices for improving health, education and broader development outcomes – including tackling disinformation.

The Accelerator Labs are using AI to analyze earth observation data (satellite data and drone data) to detect crop diseases (Cameroon and Cabo Verde) or areas of accumulated waste (Guatemala, the Philippines, Serbia and Viet Nam), and to generate land use and cover maps (Ecuador and India).

Leveraging our vast experience, UNDP contributes to global AI and digital conversations, including for the Global Digital Compact and the Secretary-General's High Level Advisory Body on AI through the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on AI and the G7


Featured AI solutions

At UNDP, we support partners in exploring both the positive potential and the risks of AI for development. We advocate for safe, responsible and inclusive AI governance, and we develop AI solutions with a people-centered, rights-based approach to data availability, quality, openness and accountability.


Featured stories

UNDP at the AI for Good Global Summit 2024

"At the AI for Good Summit, it was clear that AI holds huge potential for achieving the SDGs, but we must work collaboratively to ensure that all can benefit. I am thrilled that UNDP and UNESCO are joining forces on our respective Artificial Intelligence Assessments to offer countries a holistic approach to AI readiness and ethical integration."
- Robert Opp, UNDP Chief Digital Officer