AI-powered technology to promote access to reliable information and reduce the impact of harmful content

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Welcome to eMonitor+, a suite of innovative digital tools leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to promote information integrity.

Innovative technology to fight emerging challenges

We're fighting against the rapid rise of disinformation, toxic discourse, and hate speech, which threaten our communities, democracies, and peace worldwide. eMonitor+ expands the capacities of national, regional, and global actors to analyze these practices and empowers them to design more effective counter-strategies tailored to their contexts.

Our contribution to safer internet environment

    We provide a secure environment for collaborative fact-checking. The platform is equipped with automated data collection and fact-checking tools designed to verify the accuracy and authenticity of digital content. Once information is checked and validated, articles are published and available publicly to promote truth and credibility in the digital space.

    Our AI-powered system is trained to map digital space and monitor trends on various topics, such as misinformation, hate speech, political polarization, and online violence against women, journalists, and marginalized groups. This provides the foundation for informed, evidence-based strategies and works towards creating safer and more inclusive digital environments.


    Our impact up until now


    online publications fact-checked using eMonitor+

    2 MILL+

    pieces of online content mapped with eMonitor+


    monitors and fact-checkers use eMonitor+ daily


    eMonitor+ is an open-source technology

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