Improved Wastewater Treatment Capacity for Morphou

October 20, 2023


Nicosia, 6th October 2023 - With the financial support of the European Union and implemented by UNDP, the EU funded Local Infrastructure Facility has successfully completed the Morphou Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) extension project. This marks a crucial step towards enhancing water management capacity in the Morphou area and beyond. The extension project has doubled the plant's capacity, safeguarding the environment and public health in the region. 

Ms Judit Rosza, Director of Resources, Coordination and Aid Programme at DG Reform of the European Commission stated at the ceremony: “This is the latest step of a long journey that started more than 10 years ago. The objective of this important EU support is to facilitate the reunification of the island by improving local infrastructure and services, hence making the whole island more liveable and sustainable for all. The role of groundwater – in terms of both quantity and quality – is pivotal for the wellbeing and development not only of Morphou area, but also for the entire island. The environment is one and it does not know any Green Line. It is important that all the communities in Cyprus work with each other in order to take care of the environment they share.” 

Commenting on the successful completion of this project, UNDP Director of the Istanbul Regional Hub, Mrs. Steliana Nedera, expressed her gratitude by saying, "We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the EU for their longstanding partnership, which has been instrumental in achieving these shared results. The Morphou Wastewater Treatment Plant extension project's success enhances water management, creating a cleaner, healthier environment in Morphou. It significantly contributes to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 16, reflecting our collective commitment to a more sustainable and peaceful future." 


Following the ceremony olive trees were planted to mark the completion of the Morphou Wastewater Treatment Plant extension. 

Background Info: The Morphou WWTP project has evolved through different phases, each contributing to its overall success and all implemented by the EU. In 2012, the first stage of the WWTP construction was successfully accomplished. In parallel, the European Union also funded the construction of sewerage and water distribution networks for Morphou. Subsequently, the project expanded with the "Construction of an irrigation system for the reuse of Morphou WWTP treated wastewater" to harness treated wastewater for irrigation, safeguarding underground water resources. All these phases were possible with an overall EU investment exceeding EUR 15.5 million.

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