Successful Training of the Technical Committee on Health on Combatting Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes

March 8, 2024


The Technical Committee on Health is pleased to announce the successful completion of a training focused on combatting Aedes invasive mosquitoes, with funding from the European Union organized by UNDP and in coordination with OSASG-Cyprus. Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots came together for the first of two training sessions aimed at increasing public awareness of the significance of mosquito control.


Led by a diverse panel of experts, the training provided a platform for knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, and hands-on demonstrations. Participants, including healthcare professionals, and members of the public, engaged in a discussion covering a wide array of topics, including understanding the behaviour of Aedes mosquitoes, implementing effective surveillance and monitoring strategies and how people can protect themselves.


Aedes invasive mosquitoes have been detected in some areas of the island of Cyprus. Aedes mosquitoes, notably Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito) and Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito), are known for transmitting infectious diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus, chikungunya, and yellow fever. With their rapid proliferation and adaptability to various environments, these mosquitoes pose significant public health threats in many regions across the globe, hence the importance of the work of the Technical Committee on Health in this field. A second training session is planned for April. For more information about this, please contact


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