Ensuring 'the ghost of the forest' doesn't disappear

Protecting the 14 tree kangaroo species who live in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea.  

The mountain where wishes come true

UNDP support helps farmers diversify in Azerbaijan.  

“Be brave. You can do more than you imagine.”

A young Afghani man living with disabilities finds new hope.  

Thirty three years on, the Chernobyl region springs to life

Reclaiming traditional skills and learning new ones; UNDP is helping the businesses and artisans of Belarus rebuild their economy.  

“Traditional knowledge has a lot to offer the world.”

Delegates to this year's Indigenous Peoples' Forum discuss their work representing their communities on the international stage.  

Can data save lives? Digitizing the malaria response in Guinea-Bissau

In Guinea-Bissau, malaria is the leading cause of death among pregnant women and children under five. A new technology is strengthening the national health system and saving lives.  

UNDP promotes resilience in earthquake-prone Nepal

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal caused massive destruction to almost a million houses, and made more than 900,000 families homeless.  

Building a future of inclusion

Young leaders from around the world share their ideas to promote peace and inclusiveness.  

A promising youth; fighting radicalization in Mauritania

With debates and training sessions, the Nouakchott youth centre is changing minds.  

Technology closes health gaps in India

This year's World Health Day is universal coverage. While real progress is being made, millions still lack healthcare.  

Building equality on the roof of the world

A lack of running water has adversely affected the lives of women and girls in a remote mountain village in Pakistan.  

How extreme weather increases inequality

The two cyclones that hit southeastern Europe in 2014 resulted in a dramatic increase in women's unpaid work, as well as gender-based violence.  

The Cook Islands prepare for climate change

For centuries Cook Islanders have used traditional knowledge to read their environment and provide food for their families. But climate change is rapidly altering their environment.  

Justice that leaves no one behind

Sierra Leone’s journey to change perceptions and practices within its criminal justice system.  

Stabilizing countries in crisis

UNDP has started a new generation of large-scale stabilization programmes, aiming at rapidly re-establishing basic services.  

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