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Fact Sheet: Global Focal Point for Police, Justice and Corrections

Jun 29, 2018

Since 2012, the Global Focal Point arrangement for Police, Justice and Corrections

Areas in the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict and other Crisis Situations (GFP) has brought together complementary capacities in efforts to improve support to the rule of law on the ground, with a view to preventing the outbreak, escalation, continuation and recurrence of violent conflict.

The GFP arrangement acts as a single entry point for UN system-wide rule of law assistance. This arrangement has the following benefits:

-   It  responds  more  effectively  to  requests  for  complex  and
politically  nuanced  assistance  by  bringing  together  DPKO’s
operational expertise and UNDP’s programming and institution-
building skills.

-   It draws quickly and strategically on the expertise of GFP partners
such as UN Women, OHCHR, and UNODC.

-   It mobilizes and channels more resources from donors for joint

-   It increases leverage with national authorities.