UNDP Knowledge Management Strategy 2014-2017

01 Feb 2014

Document Summary

UNDP’s new strategic knowledge management (KM) framework operationalizes the KM objectives of the Strategic Plan 2014-2017, drawing from lessons from the last Knowledge Strategy 2009-2011 implementation as well as feedback from staff, clients and formal evaluations. Within this strategy UNDP will focus its KM work on organizational learning on what does and does not work in UNDP’s areas of development work, collecting, analysing and using evidence and lessons from a global and country perspective, and from external and internal experience. UNDP’s KM thereby covers both external KM for and with partners and clients as well as internal KM to support the organization’s operational efficiency.

The KM framework builds upon past KM successes (such as Communities of Practice, the Teamworks platform, public knowledge mobilization like the Rio+20 Dialogues, MY World, the Post-2015 Consultations and the Civil 20 Dialogues), as well as numerous regional initiatives), however, it also addresses a range of challenges with regards to KM, in particular with respect to organizational learning and knowledge capture (including knowledge products), knowledge networking, measurement and incentives, openness and public engagement, as well as talent management.

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