UNDP China 40th Anniversary



UNDP's 40 Year Journey in China

As of this year, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working in China for four decades. Over this time, China has been experienced tremendous change and progress. More than 750 million people have been lifted out of poverty and income per capita has increased over 20x. Throughout this development journey, UNDP has adapted and evolved alongside a transforming country.

UNDP helped introduce the overall concept of sustainable development to China, advocating for its acceptance and its integration into government policies. We helped connect China with international development experience and good practices to inform domestic approaches and build local expertise and capacities. We also supported technology transfers and the mobilization of international financing to assist in China’s development, and now assist China’s offering of development experience and innovation to the world.

Many challenges still remain to achieve the SDGs, but together with our partners, UNDP stands ready and determined to address them. While much has changed over 40 years, one thing has always remained the same - our commitment to the pursuit of sustainable development in China and the world to ensure that no one is left behind!

Four Decades of Development Work in China:

Voices from UNDP China's Past and Present:

UNDP 40 year anniversary development dialogue

UNDP Resident Representative Beate Trankmann delivering opening remarks

Participants at the Development Dialogue

UNDP Associate Administrator Morad Wahba delivering a keynote address

Launch of the National Human Development Report Special Edition

UNDP staff members at the reception

UNDP China staff group photo


Development Dialogue with UNDP Associate Administrator Mourad Wahba

UNDP China 40 Year Photo Album

Our photo album offers a glimpse into the key milestones of our history in China over 40 years and tells the story of how UNDP has evolved alongside a transforming country.



UNDP's Journey in China: My Thoughts and Reflections after 37 Years

UNDP China's story through the eyes of one of its longest tenured staff members.