Opening Remarks by Ms. Beate Trankmann at UN Compound Photovoltaic System Launch Event

April 22, 2021

UNDP Resident Representative in China Beate Trankmann delivering opening remarks

Sid, (Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Resident Coordinator in China)

Doctor Qu, (Dr. QU Sixi, WFP China Representative)

Doctor Tu, (Dr. TU Ruihe, Head of UNEP China Office)

Mister Niu Xinwei (CEO of JA Solar),

Colleagues, and friends,

On behalf of UNDP, let me join the RC in welcoming you to the launch ceremony of our UN new photovoltaic Solar Panels System. This is part of our efforts to make UN operations in China greener and support climate action.

So, when the UNDP Administrator launched, what he termed, the “Greening Moonshot” facility — calling on offices to submit proposals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, we saw this as an opportunity to make a contribution and were glad to answer the call. Not only did our application receive the maximum eligible funding, but we were also joined by the other agencies in our compound who have made their own financial contributions. It is this collective effort that has allowed us to upgrade our solar panel systems today.

Our new rooftop photovoltaic system will be able to generate about 80% of the electricity consumed by the compound, and is expected to reduce 77 tons of CO2 emission annually. In the meantime, to make sure that we also walk the talk on recycling, our old but still functional solar panels, will be installed in the village of Liangjiahe in Shaanxi Province, helping local households to generate renewable energy.

The new solar panel system is in fact just one of the many ways, UNDP and UN colleagues have worked to green our office. We previously upgraded our AC and lighting system and installed 11 LED solar lampposts in the UN compound. We have also provided low-carbon transport opportunities with 30 UN bikes, one electric-car, and charging stations.  

In closing, I would like to extend my warm thanks and congratulations to our UNDP Green Committee colleagues who put together the proposal and all the agencies that have joined in to make today possible. Let me also express my gratitude to JASolar for the installation of the solar panels.

Lastly, thanks to everyone one of you for joining today and look forward to continue working together in reducing our footprints in the way we do business in the UN.