Trilateral Cooperation with China


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Trilateral Cooperation with China

February 15, 2017

Discussion Paper

Sharing China's Development Experience through Innovative Partnerships

Trilateral cooperation has emerged as an innovative form of South-South cooperation, involving three or more development actors from South-South cooperation provider countries, traditional bilateral development partners, multilateral development agencies as well as partner countries. China is increasingly piloting trilateral cooperation with other partners, which offers practical lessons learned and experience for the international development community. This discussion paper aims to share information and experience with those that are currently engaged in or seeking to engage in trilateral partnerships with China, and provides a preliminary mapping of China’s trilateral partnerships with a number of bilateral and multilateral partners. It identifies major common benefits, challenges and lessons learned related to trilateral cooperation with China, based on experience of UNDP and a number of other development partners. Finally, it outlines ways forward and provides three concrete recommendations to development partners for their future trilateral cooperation with China.