Talking Points: Training on the Prevention and Response to Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse of Authority

Talking points by Ms. Alissar Chaker, UNDP Resident Representative

December 26, 2022
©Phallin Heang/Ministry of Environment
  • Sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse of authority are serious misconducts and violations to human dignity and respect.

  • They have devastating effects on the victim’s physical and mental health and well-being, his or her capacity to work and his or her relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

  • It also has significant impacts on the workplace due to loss in productivity and quality of work, workplace toxic culture affecting staff motivation, morbidity, absenteeism, and turnover to cite a few.

  • These impacts translate in economic and financial costs and losses. Indeed, a 2017 study found that the economic impact of sexual harassment in the garment industry in Cambodia was estimated at US$89 million per year.
  • As part of the wider UN, UNDP is fully committed to zero tolerance, as such, UNDP does not, and will not, tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse of authority in any form neither within the organization nor among partners and parties associated with UNDP project implementation, the provision of goods and services or any other types of collaboration or partnership, nor in communities we work with. 

  • UNDP commits to make available appropriate learning resources to ensure awareness and adequate prevention and response, should related prohibited misconducts occur.

  • Therefore, regular awareness-raising and training sessions are conducted for all our personnel, consultants, interns, and volunteers, and we rolled out last week a series of partner trainings on the Prevention and Response to Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse of Authority in Khmer language.

  • We aim to avail these sessions regularly as part of our due diligence and continuing effort for awareness raising and prevention to ensure respect to the inherent dignity of all persons, affording them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and empowering them to deliver the best possible results for the people we serve.


Thank you.