Disaster Recovery Guidebook

Disaster Recovery Guidebook: Road Sector in Cambodia

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Disaster Recovery Guidebook

May 19, 2023

The persistence of natural hazards, along with the social and economic vulnerability of Cambodia, increases the negative impacts of such disruptions. Damage related to the October 2013 flooding alone, caused by heavy rain and the seasonal swelling of the Mekong River, was estimated at $356 million and affected 20 out of 24 provinces and 1.7 million people.

This Disaster Recovery Guidebook provides a practice-based, results-focused approach to the Cambodian government and partners for a resilient post-disaster recovery of the road sector. It presents a general Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) for road sector recovery and guides appropriate calibrations needed to develop disaster-specific DRFs for the road sector after a major disaster. 

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