Cambodian Gender Strategic Plan

Cambodian Gender Strategic Plan

December 18, 2014

Neary Rattanak IV is the five-year strategic plan (2014 – 2018) for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Cambodia.  

In accordance with the current situation in the country and Phase III of the Rectangular Strategy for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, in partnership with relevant ministries/institutions and other partners, has developed the strategic plan Neary Rattanak IV to continue the government’s efforts to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in Cambodia. The strategic plan has been prepared based on the lessons learned and results of the implementation of Neary Rattanak III as well as the findings and recommendations of the Cambodia Gender Assessment 2014. It reflects the vision of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) for the next five years with a particular focus on MoWA’s long-term institutional strengthening and capacity development to fulfill our mandate as strategic gender policy advisor and facilitator with line ministries at national and sub-national levels. Neary Rattanak IV aims to support the reform process of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to move from project-based activities to a Program-Based Approach, and promoting MoWA’s role in providing effective gender analysis, institutional advocacy and policy advice across the entire Government.



ដំណើរឆ្ពោះទៅមុខ ដើម្បីសមភាពយេនឌ័រនិងភាពអង់អាចសម្រាប់ស្ត្រី


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