Our Focus

Peace: Participation and Accountability


Just as good governance underpins the wider Rectangular Strategy, the ‘peace’ pillar is central to the success of the other two.  Improved state institutions, with more effective government-to-people delivery, can improve the quality and inclusiveness of economic growth, through social protection and protection of the rights of minorities.  Environmental outcomes can be improved through more effective local governance.  UNDP will explore innovative ways to empower citizens and work with Government incentive structures to help build demand for better service delivery. This pillar utilizes signature solutions (2) effective, accountable and inclusive governance, and (6) gender equality.



Strengthening institutional capacity for the Goals and accountable public services

Working with the Ministry of Planning and the Government as a whole, UNDP will support the development, adoption and monitoring of the national Goals and their integration within national planning and sector budgeting. This will include assisting the Government to prepare a voluntary national review. [1] With Government and other partners, UNDP will assist in strengthening public service accountability and feedback mechanisms, and informing government reforms and innovations to implement and monitor the Goals.

Promoting gender equality

With support from Sweden and others, UNDP will continue policy and institutional support to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to address social norms that discriminate against women, and to promote their economic empowerment, leadership, and participation in decision-making. Together with UN-Women and UNFPA, UNDP will contribute to national efforts to eliminate violence against women, including through revision of domestic violence law.

Supporting rights and leaving no one behind

Rapid social and economic progress risks excluding minority, marginalized and vulnerable groups. Building on a United Nations joint programme, UNDP will work with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSVY) on legal reforms to protect and include persons with disabilities. Through the regional programme ‘Being LGBTI [2] in Asia’, UNDP will work with national networks, supporting social tolerance and openness to promote the rights of sexual minorities. Following up on the Universal Periodic Review, UNDP will develop rights-based initiatives on which the Government is able to engage. UNDP will support national commitments to expand social protection for the vulnerable, specifically persons with disabilities and PLHIV.