Two significant projects in the Modriča Municipality

February 9, 2024


Another project resulting from the joint initiative of citizens is the renovation of the community center and the construction of a beach volleyball court in the Local Community Modriča 5. This local community has about 2,400 residents, and the implementation of this project brought multiple benefits for the population – for the youth, it’s a place to gather, compete, and socialize while strengthening the sports spirit, and for parents, a platform where they meet daily and exchange opinions about possible new projects that will improve the environment they live in. The project is also significant for motivating the female population to participate in various workshops and cultural, dance, and drama sections.

Mile Purić

Photo by Imrana Kapetanović
“The renovation of the community center was necessary for the center to be functional. Certainly, it was of great importance for all residents, starting from the fact that this center is the administrative representation of the Municipality in our local community. Now, the center can be used by other organizations such as the cultural-artistic society, pensioners' association, veterans' organization. The cooperation with UNDP representatives was excellent. Also, representatives of the Modriča Municipality responsible for working on UNDP projects constantly provided us support until the end of the project.”
Mile Purić, president of the Council of the Local Community Modriča

The president of the council of this local community also mentioned that the knowledge gained from seminars, development, and implementation of the project are significant for representatives of local communities, and he believes that in the future they will continue cooperation as UNDP projects offer many opportunities for the development of local communities.

Mladen Milotić, councilor: “We are proud of this project and truly grateful to the UNDP representatives who were approachable and constructive in advice and help with the implementation. Strengthening the role of the local community through activism and diverse representation of all categories of citizens is something that should continue to be supported in the future.


Photo by Imrana Kapetanović


Reconstruction of the local community center Skugrić

The reconstruction project of the Skugrić local community center has contributed to the satisfaction of the citizens of this local community and has strengthened the local community as a place for providing services to the population. Within the Community Center, the use of postal services has been facilitated for pensioners and mothers with young children, as they do not have to use transportation to the post office in the urban part of Modriča. The Skugrić local community has about 2,200 inhabitants and is located about 5 kilometers from the urban part of Modriča. Over 300 residents of this area use the renovated premises of the Community Center. 

Tijana Pavlović-Nikić, an employee of the Post Office, shared her opinion: “The MZ project has greatly improved and facilitated the work at the Skugrić Post Office. The premises have been renovated and adapted for work, so I am very satisfied with that. The specific changes I have noticed are the connectedness of the population. They come to make payments, but there is also joking and sharing of experiences, they are active, socialize, and there are also ideas for a better future of the community and local population."

Tijana Pavlović-Nikić

Photo by Imrana Kapetanović