Speech by the UNDP Resident Representative a.i., Narine Sahakyan, at the Gender Equality Seal Awards Ceremony

April 3, 2024

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to our colleagues in different parts of the world!

UNDP CO in Bosnia and Herzegovina takes immense pride in the fact that we are one of the UNDP's offices, achieving the highest corporate standard of excellence in gender equality. For us, the Gender Equality Seal represents more than just an honor/award; it symbolizes a journey of profound transformation.

The most gratifying aspect of this journey lies in the creativity it has sparked and the sense of unity it has fostered within our team. This transformative experience has not only enriched our perspectives but reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to gender equality. It has served as a powerful motivator, refining our vision and galvanizing our team's dedication to addressing the root causes of inequality.

While we take pride in our accomplishments, we are surely aware of the ongoing need to expand and elevate our efforts. Our commitment extends beyond our own walls, as we diffused our know-how and lessons learnt from Gender Seal process outside to our partners, engaging them into Gender Equality Seal for both Private and Public Enterprises. Through actions aimed at shattering the "glass ceiling," closing the gender pay gap, and implementing family-friendly policies, we're achieving transformative change within institutions, with far-reaching effects on improving women's position in the workforce.

Achieving the "Gold" standard is not merely a milestone; it's a pledge to continuously expand our knowledge, leverage innovation and data for positive change, and broaden our network of partnerships as we guide Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a sustainable future. Our vision is of a future where gender equality is not an afterthought but a deliberate cornerstone of systemic change, fostering a society of equal opportunities for all.

I would also like to thank strong, dedicated and very creative Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and special thanks to our Gender guru Nera Monir.

Thank you!