Building Relations for Intercultural Dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BRIDGE)

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to face complex development challenges, including economic decline, growing poverty and socio-economic inequalities. Furthermore, more than 25 years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the social and individual wounds of the conflict did not heal. 

This multi-ethnic country still suffers from social exclusion and political insecurity, which hamper development. New generations are growing up in ethnically homogenous communities, isolated and polarized, with little knowledge or understanding of “the other(s)” and with stereotypes passed from one generation to another, shaping up a society which is vulnerable to divisive narratives and conflicts. 

If young people and their families across entity lines are continuously connected through an extended range of learning, culture, art, nature, and fun opportunities, as well as apply critical thinking, then people from divided communities will more likely engage in collaboration and joint experiences, which ultimately decrease the social barriers in the long-term. Such cultural, nature and learning interactions may also contribute to creating a new generation of young people who are agents of change that can further promote reconciliation and affirm diversity as a shared value.

Project BRIDGE 

The Project will foster intercultural dialogue and interaction among young people from different ethnic and religious groups and geographic locations around nature, science, tourism, and environment protection causes, ultimately contributing to bridging the social and cultural divides and restoring trust among young people.  

BRIDGE Project Components: 

  1. Young people from different backgrounds and divided communities are connected via nature, adventure tourism and environmental protection and their interaction helps reduce prejudices, restore trust, and cultivate respect for cultural diversity.  
  2. Enhanced knowledge, leadership and future-thinking serve as intercultural bridge among young people from divided communities and contribute to affirming shared values. 




Start date

October 2021

Estimated end date

September 2023

Focus area

Intercultural dialog and interaction among young people 


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) 

Project value

861,337 EUR 


Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH (MoFTER), Ministry of Trade and Tourism of RS (MTT RS), Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism (FMOIT), Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).