UNDP and the Government of Japan support the decarbonization of twenty SMEs in BiH

B2B for Carbon Free event with SMEs held in Sarajevo

December 17, 2022


The United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP in BiH) organized yesterday in Sarajevo the event "B2B for carbon-free", within the "Inclusive Decarbonization Activity" (IDA) project, which is financed by the Government of Japan and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The occasion of the event was the promotion of the support provided by the IDA project to twenty small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from three carbon-intensive industries (power, steel and cement) from BiH. Following the Public call, these companies were selected for technical and financial assistance in the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies in their operations, with the ultimate goal of mitigating or eliminating the use of fossil fuels. 

The event was also attended by representatives of companies from the region, presenting on this occasion their decarbonization products and services, with the aim to encourage networking and cooperation between companies in implementation of decarbonization measures.

Steliana Nedera, Resident Representative of UNDP in BiH stated: "The transformation of the economy into a low-carbon one has to consider the needs of the most vulnerable, be inclusive and just. This approach reflects UNDP's strong commitment to fighting inequality and poverty while advancing climate action. I am grateful to the Government of Japan for this contribution and the opportunity to jointly support Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of decarbonization in an inclusive, just way, ensuring that all layers of society are thought of and supported on this path." 

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, the project also works on establishing the basis for a just transition to a low-carbon economy, by creating the Blueprint "Just Transition for All" and the Just Transition Strategies for three carbon-intesive industries (power, steel and cement), which will be accompanied by capacity building of stakeholders, vulnerable groups and industry. 

Minela Pita, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations BiH said: "Decarbonization is imperative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is not only our obligation based on the Energy Community Treaty, the Paris Agreement and the Sofia Declaration, but also a huge development opportunity, because the energy sector is one of the most important economic branches of BiH." 

Japan's contribution to UNDP's ambitious global Climate Promise initiative will assist BiH to respond to the urgent need of reducing its high fossil fuel dependency through a just transition mechanism, aimed at ensuring that no one is left behind, and fair and gender-sensitive measures.

The Government of Japan allocated USD 1.87 million for the financing climate measures in BiH through the IDA project, with the aim of supporting the country in achieving the goal of carbon neutrality and fulfilling the climate promise given in the revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and the Sofia Declaration.

Tanaka Kiyotaka, Embassy of Japan in BiH, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders of this joint project with UNDP and stated: "We must be aware that all citizens have their lives. I really hope this joint project will make a fair and smooth transition for businesses.”

UNDP’s Climate Promise is the largest global climate and development offer of support to countries on the realization of their national pledges to the Paris Agreement, ensuring clean and just energy transitions towards net-zero pathways and climate impact resilient future.