The conference "Responsible, for the future" was held: Together in achieving a zero pollution rate

At the conference held under the title "Responsible, for the future", which was jointly organized by the Green Club and the Sarajevo Film Festival with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), concrete activities and results launched by the Sarajevo Film Festival in the mission to achieve zero pollution were presented.

July 17, 2023

Sarajevo Film Festival announced last year that by its 30th edition, it wants to become an event whose organisation has 0 rates of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the planet's warming and result in the disastrous climate changes we all already feel. A concrete action plan was drawn up, which as the first point, included the measurement of all activities in the organisation of the Festival, which contribute to the emissions, and this report, with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was made by the independent consulting company Metabolic.

"Our impression is that the Festival, which attracts over 100,000 visitors, during which an additional 20,000 more tourists stay in Sarajevo than in the week before, and after the Festival, which directly brings its 2,000 guests and indirectly contributes to economic activities during its duration worth over 40 million euros and represents the equivalent of over 1,500 permanent jobs, it wants to be a carbon neutral festival in its 30th edition. Is it possible? In such a short time? It's possible. It is possible if we work strategically and together. Both we as organisers and our audience, on whose habits our commercial sponsors and institutional partners and patrons, including the executive power, as well as legislators, from whom we expect a legal framework that will enable simple and efficient use of energy from renewable sources, depend a lot, because without we can't do that," said the director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Jovan Marjanović.

"Sarajevo Film Festival's determination to become a carbon-neutral festival is certainly something that deserves our attention and the need to contribute through joint activities not only to the achievement of that goal, but also to raising awareness of the responsibility of institutions, but also of every individual for the future of the planet. As its name suggests, the festival takes place predominantly in Sarajevo, and Sarajevo got the opportunity to participate in the mission of creating 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. It is a special honour for me to be able to announce the new partnership of the Green Club right here. This time it's a partnership with the Sarajevo Film Festival, certainly one of the biggest cultural events in the region," said Saša Magazinović, MP in the PSBiH House of Representatives, president of the Green Club.

In addition to the partnership activities of the Green Club and the Sarajevo Film Festival, the conference "Responsibly for the Future" also presented the activities of the Sarajevo Film Festival towards achieving zero pollution, as well as initiatives and actions that represent progress in the areas of environmental protection, the use of clean and renewable resources energy, energy efficiency, food and waste, and urban mobility.

Dr Ingrid Macdonald, the United Nations resident coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also addressed those present.

"Building on Sarajevo as a UNESCO Creative City of Film and the UN Secretary-General's Peacebuilding Fund sponsorship for the Director's Prize, UNDP is investing in the Sarajevo Film Festival's commitment to a carbon-neutral festival. Today, we celebrate the vital partnership between the Green Club and the SFF, focusing on climate change – the defining challenge of our times. The UN Secretary-General's message is clear: »It's time to wake up and step up !« We applaud the festival's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a green transition. For over a decade, UNDP has supported the green transition across Bosnia and Herzegovina. I encourage everyone to participate and visit the festival's Green Pavilion to learn more about green policies," said Macdonald.

Speakers at the conference included Garret Patrick Kelly, advisor/coordinator for the sustainability of the Net Zero Mission in Sarajevo, Andrijana Copf, Press Office manager of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Milanka Knežević, GIZ regional project manager, Aljaž Plevnik, GIZ expert and Nihad UK, Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton. The conference was attended by representatives of all levels of government, NGOs, the academic community, institutions, the professional public, and individuals ready to engage in environmental protection.