Winners of covIDEJA2020 ideathon announced

May 6, 2020

#covIDEJA2020 pobjedničke ideje

The winners of the covIDEJA 2020 ideathon, jointly organized by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bit Alliance , were announced today (06 May). The . covIDEJA2020 was launched on April 10 on  https://covideja2020.digitalnovrijeme.bawith the aim of gathering ideas on how to overcome the negative effects that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic has caused in all aspects of our lives and work.
The response to the covIDEJA challenge was excellent: individuals and teams nominated more than 100 ideas in categories such as health, education, public services, industry, culture and recreation, or supporting the most vulnerable members of the community.
The ideas were evaluated on the basis of several criteria, taking into account the public votes received by each of the ideas. A jury of 14 distinguished experts from different fields reviewed all the ideas and selected the winners in each of the two main categories of covIDEJA ideathon:

Poduzmimo nešto sada (Take Action Now)!

First place: Dženan Kovačić,Vault nanoplatforma kao vakcina za SARS-CoV2 infekcije i kao terapeutik za potencijalnu aktivaciju tuberkuloze kod COVID-19 pacijenata”

Second Place: Kenan Suljić, “D-App”

Third Place: Dino Trampa, “Ultra Ljubičasti tuneli za sterilizaciju/dezinfekciju šoping kolica”


Zamislimo bolje sutra (Imagine a better future)!

First place: Nermin Dedukić, “MaskMachine - Turn your recycling into protection”

Second place: Branko Petrović, “Educor (za cijelu Bosnu i Hercegovinu)”

Third place: Lamija Džaferović, “Kupi više da BiH diše!”

All ideas submitted within the ideathon are available on:

Steliana Nedera, UNDP Resident Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina said: “Congratulations to the winners of covIDEJA! The 109 ideas we have received have shown that society can offer innovative solutions and critical thinking in times of crisis, and that people - especially young people - are ready to stand out and contribute to solving common challenges through brilliant ideas. It is encouraging to see that many of the nominated ideas rely on technology and digital solutions in the fight against the pandemic. It is important for us at UNDP to catalyze further support for the actual implementation of good ideas, to see their positive impact on society. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ideathon partners and invite them to join us in finding ways to bring to life all the good ideas we have received. ”

“We are extremely proud of all that the covIDEJA2020 project has brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina - we have really tried to enable all citizens to be involved with their ideas in a concrete way in dealing with the situation caused by the pandemic, and I am glad that we have succeeded. This is definitely the first step forward, inspiration and motivation for all the steps that follow. I congratulate all the winners heartily, and the Bit Alliance will continue to support such success stories in the future, as it always has done. Certainly, the most important thing for us is that as many of these ideas see the light of day and lead BiH to a more beautiful and better tomorrow, which we all need now more than ever," said Tatjana Vučić, Executive Director of Bit Alliance.

covIDEJA is an initiative supported by the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of a global knowledge and innovation network. Ideathon was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Foundation for the Future in BiH, Center for Technical Culture - Mostar, Deloitte, Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka, ENERGIS, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Green Council, HUB387, IMPAKT, Innovation Center - Banja Luka, INTERA Technology Park, International Burch University, SPARK - Mostar, JSGURU,, Ministry of Programming, Networks, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, Municipality Istočno Novo Sarajevo, PwC, Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of Municipalities and Cities of Republika Srpska and US Agency for International Development USAID.