The WASSP project starts its Phase 1 with 1.35 million euros to improve the stockpile management conditions

December 6, 2023


Ceremony held at the Army Hall in Sarajevo marked the official beginning of the Phase 1 of Weapons Adhering Secured Sites Project (WASSP) worth EUR 1.35 million, financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, through its Ministry of Defense under “Enhance and Enable initiative” to be implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Present at the ceremony were colonel Franz Josef Nolte, Military Attaché of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slaven Galić, deputy Minister of Defense of BiH, and Sylvain Merlen, Resident Representative ad interim of UNDP in BiH.

“The successful implementation of the WASSP project is anticipated to contribute to a safer environment for local communities surrounding the storage sites and enhance the overall development prospects of BiH and its citizens”
Sylvain Merlen

WASSP has been designed to make a direct and substantial contribution to the establishment of a fully sustainable munitions stockpile management system within the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Bosnia and Hercegovina (MoD/AF BiH), under the auspices of EUFOR led Ammunition Weapons and Explosives Master plan (AWE MP) for BiH. This endeavor is designed to ensure the comprehensive functionality of the stockpile management system and its vital components.

The intervention will encompass infrastructure upgrades and safety enhancements for prospective weapons storage facilities in Visoko and Derventa. The project will directly support the further enhancement of sustainable stockpile management solutions, fostering more safe and secure stockpile management system. This, in turn, will create a safer environment for handling stockpiles, safety of local communities near the facilities and overall stable environment for development opportunities.

With the overall stockpile now below 10,000 tonnes, UNDP is committed to supporting MoD/AF with new Weapons Storage Sites upgrades.