The most successful local governments received financial support for projects worth almost three million KM

Dedicated work pays off

March 14, 2023


At the event held in Sarajevo, the most successful 10 municipalities and cities received grants intended for the implementation of priority projects, the total value of which is almost three million KM.

These local governments achieved the best results in the implementation of activities within the Project for Improving Performance of Local Services (PIPLS), which is primarily financed by Sweden and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The PIPLS project aims to improve access to key public services through better asset management and increased investment in local infrastructure.

The total value of the projects is 2.9 million KM, of which 860,000 KM will be co-financed by Sweden and UNDP, and the rest of the funds will be invested by the local governments themselves.

Mario Vignjević

"The grants awarded today to the most successful local governments are the result of their commitment and work in all important areas of providing services to their residents."
Mario Vignjević, representative of the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina

These priority projects are defined in the local development strategies of the municipalities and cities themselves. During the event, all the projects that will receive financial support through the PIPLS project, and whose implementation will improve the quality of life in local communities, were presented.

Stephen Kinloch

"Local governments whose representatives are present today achieved remarkable results in improving the key governance areas on local level and showed that they have as their primary goal the betterment of public services in everyday life of their citizens."
Stephen Kinloch, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP in BiH

The awarded local governments are Tešanj, Banja Luka, Novo Sarajevo, Teslić, Orašje, Gradiška, Han Pijesak, Trebinje, Tuzla and Lukavac.

Milada Šukalo

"In-depth analysis of the state of property management of the City of Banja Luka, which was done with the support of the PIPLS project, indicated to the City Administration numerous activities that they can undertake, which will prepare them for the establishment of an efficient system of property management and monitoring of income and expenses from real estate."
Milada Šukalo, advisor to the Mayor of Banja Luka

Suad Huskić

"The activities undertaken by the Tešanj Municipality as part of the PIPLS project, such as the improvement of general legislation for property management and records of property owned by the Municipality, will have a long-term benefit for all our citizens."
Suad Huskić, Mayor of Tešanj Municipality