Implementation of energy efficiency measures in 11 more public buildings in Sarajevo Canton

GED project

July 29, 2022

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the Green Economic Development (GED) project financed by the Government of Sweden, continues with implementation of measures for improvement of the energy efficiency of public buildings in Sarajevo Canton, in cooperation with the Cantonal Ministry of Communal Economy, Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection. 
In the past period, the energy efficiency of 70 public buildings in Sarajevo Canton was improved through GED project, with replacement of dilapidated and energy-inefficient exterior joinery, works on boiler rooms and heating elements, as well as thermal insulation of walls and roofs.
These measures gave very concrete results, including improvement of working and living conditions for all users of retrofitted buildings, reduction of energy consumption, as well as of CO2 emissions and air pollution, which is particularly visible in Sarajevo Canton, and therefore extremely important for the health of all citizens. Energy retrofit contributed not only to the environment but also to the economy, as it resulted in significant savings and the creation of green jobs.


By the end of this year, GED project plans to implement these measures on 11 more public buildings in the Sarajevo Canton, including on the following healthcare and education institutions, cultural and sports centers:

  1. Outpatient Clinic Rajlovac, 
  2. Cultural-sports center and Radio Ilijaš, 
  3. Elementary School „Stari Ilijaš“ – Regional school „Misoča“, 
  4. Cultural-sports center „Amel Bečković“ Ilidža,    
  5. Outpatient Clinic Binježevo, 
  6. Elementary School „Grbavica II“, 
  7. Elementary School „Amer Ćenanović“, 
  8. Outpatient Clinic Hrastovi-Mrkovići, 
  9. Outpatient Clinic Podhrastovi, 
  10. Outpatient Clinic Gazin Han, and 
  11. Franciscan theology Sarajevo.            

UNDP has been working on improving the energy efficiency of public buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2009. 

Through GED project, since 2013, infrastructure measures to improve energy efficiency were implemented in 262 public buildings and 13 public lighting systems throughout the country.