Youth Matters: Voices and Action in Climate Change

August 13, 2021

High school and college students engage in an insightful discussion on The Future We Want session

Coinciding with the International Youth Day, the fourth installment of the climate series, “Raising Climate Ambition: Voices from Bhutan” jointly organized by National Environment Commission (NEC), UNDP, Bhutan Foundation, Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), WWF, UNCDF and Bhutan Ecological Society (BES), was held on 12th August, in Thimphu.

Titled “Youth Matters: Voices and Action in Climate Change”, the objective of series IV was to listen to the concerns of the youth around climate issues, their initiatives and actions against the crisis, and to ensure the assimilation of their world view into climate solutions.  

Session I:  The Future We Want

The session included young inspirational speakers, from various schools and colleges  who are not only passionate about environment but also active climate advocates. The topics covered food waste composting , Glacial Lake Out burst of Floods (GLOFs), Glacier meltdown and Sustainable buying and promotion of 2nd hand markets.

The session provided a platform for youth enthusiasts to share inspiring and original insights on the issues that matter to them, while also providing avenue for knowledge-sharing and solution-building towards climate actions.

Session II: Youth for Climate Action

This session featured presentations from students, teaching faculty and entrepreneur on climate actions taken on the ground. Whether through scientific research conducted by national institutes such as CNR and JNEC, or green initiatives undertaken by independent organizations such Revive Bhutan or community-based programmes such as HEROES (Himalayan Environmental Rhythms Observation), Bhutan’s youth are scaling up their efforts and using their skills to accelerate climate actions.

Session III: Reflection Session

This was an interactive session where participants, both in-person and virtual ones, were encouraged to interact and reflect on how we can engage youth in climate action and what messages they have for our policy makers

Youth for Climate: Video Challenge

A video challenge was announced for universities and colleges across Bhutan on the theme Youth for Climate: Showcasing Youth in Action on Climate Change. It is an opportunity for students to showcase what they are doing to protect the planet from the impacts of Climate Change through  green, sustainable, innovative actions and solutions. The winners of the challenge will be announced during the final installment of the Climate Series in October.  Additional information is available here.

The - last installment of the Climate Series will continue to focus on youth voices and action. A five-day event which will be a mix of academic seminars, panel discussions, student exhibitions, and showcasing of  climate solutions. It will also engage individual advocates and the private sector.

Participants of the Youth Matters: Voices and Action in Climate Change series


2021 is the “Super Year for Nature” and countries, including Bhutan, are stepping up their climate ambitions, assurance, and actions. Bhutan submitted 2nd Nationally Determined Contributions to UNFCCC. The document reiterates its national commitment to remain carbon neutral and recognizes that mitigation measures need to be implemented through development and implementation of low carbon emission actions. And to achieve it, Bhutan developed and launched Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS) to chart a path for low emission action through prioritized sectors. As such, LEDS have been prepared for the Food security, Human Settlement, Transport, and Industries sector. Further, other significant National Actions and reports related to climate change, environment and conservation have also been shared to raise awareness on impacts of climate change, as well as action taken and needed, both within the private and public domain. These are all in keeping with the commitments to the Paris Agreement and commitments ahead of COP26 in November, this year.

Led by NEC and supported by UNDP, Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan Ecological Society, Bhutan Foundation, WWF Bhutan, and United Nations Capital Development Fund, the five-part series spans from May-October. All events are planned coinciding with important international dates to amplify issues Bhutan is facing across the globe. The climate series, together with the first installment was launched on 21 May coinciding with International Biodiversity Day followed by Series II on 5 June, coinciding with World Environment Day  and the 3rd series took place during the Asia Pacific climate week on 9th July 2021 .

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