A journey of healing: a beekeeper gets a second chance in life thanks to the Women’s Resource Center

June 26, 2023

62-years-old Askinaz Mammadova lives in Tartar, western region of Azerbaijan. Affected by the conflict in September 2020, Askinaz had no hope she could start a new page in her life and built something of her own again. Because of recent conflict, she continued living in deep trauma and anxiety.

“I faced many difficulties in my life. I had to get a divorce. I struggled a lot and needed support.”

Trying to make ends meet, to gain some financial stability she worked in a low-income job. Challenged with health issues and going through eight surgeries, she thought “this is it, I will not make it”. But her chance of change was just around the corner.

“It was one of those tough days. I was on my way home when I met the coordinator of the Women’s Resource Center. She told me about the Center and invited me to join.” 

And so began her journey of healing.

Shortly after becoming a member of the Center, she joined the psychological self-help training organized for conflict-affected women. The training aimed at helping women overcome traumas and support each other as well as their community. She says that here she felt “supported and heard”.

This training paved the way for her future success. Soon she was among women chosen for participation in business trainings. After completing the training, Askinaz pitched her business plan to get support to revamp her small beekeeping work.

“The conflict took away all my bees. They were so dear to me that I thought I will never recover from this. This project and Center brought back hope. I remember the day they brought the equipment I asked for. I could not stop crying… from happiness.”

Thanks to the financial support of the UK Government, Askinaz was given the necessary beekeeper equipment, bee families and beehives.

“This is what this Center is about. It is about hope, motivation, support, and family. I used to be alone. Now I have so many ‘daughters’ dear to me! I call on women of Tartar to join Tartar Women’s Resource Center and give themselves a chance to change their lives. Like I did.”