Speech by Nuno Queirós, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. at TV Studio Opening Event in Buzovna

"Development of VET Providers’ Excellence in Azerbaijan" Project

May 17, 2023


Dear Mr. Salahov

Dear Mr. Isayev

Dear Mr. Michalko

Dear government partners and media friends

Ladies and gentlemen.


It is a pleasure for me to be here today with all of you for the grand opening of this TV studio which is a part of the flagship EU funded “VET for the Future” project, and which helps to further modernize vocational education in Azerbaijan.


I would like to begin by thanking our EU partners for their continuous and strong collaboration and trust in helping to improve the quality of education for all.


I would also like to thank the Ministry of Science and Education for the partnership and its role in making young women and men of all abilities more prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. 


With this EU-funded four-year project implemented by UNDP, we jointly and closely work with the State Agency on Vocational Education to strengthen vocational education and training providers in the country.


Considering the global tendencies in the labor market, the changing landscape in demands for modern skills, and the government’s vision to shift to a more efficient and diverse economy, we have introduced more future-oriented, agile, green, digital, innovative, market-driven, and inclusive approaches to vocational educational training. 


This TV studio is one of the positive results of these collective efforts. The studio is futureproofed with its cutting edge and industry leading technology while providing inclusive training conditions for people with different abilities.


As you may already have seen, the TV studio offers a unique and multifaceted learning space which will help develop new learning resources and will unlock a whole new level of production works in the area of vocational education and training. With its many rooms and studio places, it provides an inclusive learning environment and facilities to master a wide range of professions related to video making, audio, sound, lighting, make-up, as well as the organization of creative events. 


Allow me to also mention the works that have been conducted, as part of this project, in the Baku State VET Center on Culture and Crafts. With the help of the EU, we’ve supported there the creation of a fully refurbished and equipped Career Center.


The EU funded VET 4 the Future project has also supported the introduction of 18 different educational programmes (6 in dual programme, 12 in inclusive education) in this VET Center enabling 390 students including 70 people with disabilities to benefit. These programmes cover many vocational areas including but not limited to cooking, film editing, graphic design, tailoring, florist, and computer operator. Furthermore, 4 curricula have been adjusted and 46 mentors and staff have been trained accordingly. 


Let me return to the purpose of our presence here today, this TV studio. We are proud and believe that it will turn into a sustainable hub complimenting the creative media industry here in Baku and helping Buzovna’s local creative communities thrive.


In the near future, we expect this TV studio will create further employment and placement opportunities, and serve as a Learning Factory, where students and VET staff will collaborate closely with private sector companies in various creative paths and potentially contribute to generate income alternatives. 


All these reconstruction activities are carried out under the project’s pillar on the infrastructure and equipment modernization in the VET providers. In line with the project’s expected results, this TV studio will create significant learning and employment opportunities for women and men and attract more youth into the vocational education and training.


Once again, I’d like to thank our partners for making this possible.


Before concluding my speech, I would like to highlight that in the recent Europe Day, the EU Delegation celebrated its 15 years in Azerbaijan. Let me congratulate you, Mr. Ambassador, on this occasion and wish the delegation many fruitful years of partnership in Azerbaijan including with UNDP. We are glad and fortunate to have the EU as a #PartnerAtCore as together we’re achieving many milestones towards the sustainable development goals in Azerbaijan. 


Allow me also a special work of appreciation for the Ministry of Science and Education. UNDP is committed tofurther expanding this ongoing partnership with the further modernization and improvement of the VET system in the country and in many other areas of work. 


I believe that today will be the beginning of an amazing legacy which will span many generations with this studio’s role on being major and continuous boost to this VET Center’s capacity to produce multi-genre TV productions and fueling the sustainable growth of local creative workforce. Thank you for making it a reality.


Thank you!