Roselyne Mwila

UNDP Zambia, Accelerator Labs, Head of Exploration


Roselyne joined UNDP in 2016 as a Programme Analyst on the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) focusing on development of the biodiversity financing mechanisms and later moved to the Global Environment Fund (GEF V) funded project that promoted sustainable management of forests and wildlife resources. Her work contributed to policy dialogues and integration of sustainable development goals into National development processes. Prior to joining UNDP, Roselyne worked with Centre for International Forestry Research, World Wide Fund for Nature, Zambian Governance Foundation, Zambia Council for Social Development and Zambia Land Alliance managing different portfolios on environment, social economic and policy issues.

In her role as Head of Exploration for the Accelerator Lab Zambia, she identifies, visualizes, and communicates emerging development trends, data, technologies and issues and systemically maps their impacts on the economy, environment, society, and livelihoods of the poorest. This means identifying new sources of evidence and insights, analyzing and visualizing patterns in unstructured sources of data, presenting new insights in accessible and comprehensive ways to enable sense-making and analysis. Altogether, Roselyne maps and assesses local solutions and defining pathways for their scale up in policies or markets.