Working with Deported Individuals in the Pacific: Legal and Ethical Issues


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Working with Deported Individuals in the Pacific: Legal and Ethical Issues

July 27, 2015

This report intends to provide policy makers, governments and civil society organizations with an easily accessible source of background information, approaches and assessments to work effectively with deported communities. It is not an exhaustive resource; rather one that provides a preliminary look at the issues of deportation and how they may be approached through engagement and service provision by civil society organizations or government departments. It is easy to read, accessible and flexible enough to be adapted to various circumstances and approaches amongst organizations aiming to engage and provide services to deported individuals.

The report is divided into two parts;

Part 1: Legislations Governing Criminal Deportation to the Pacific Islands from the United States, Australia and New Zealand which aims to help develop a clearer understanding about the processes that govern deportation to Pacific Islands Countries (PICs).

Part 2: Working with Deportees in an Ethical Manner: Approaches for Engagement & Service Provision which aims to highlight ethical values, principles and standards to gain knowledge and better understand the situation for those people who are deported back to PICs.

The report is designed for readers to go directly to sections that are of most relevant them; however it is advisable that all readers read the introductory section to gain a basic understanding of deportation issues in PICs.