Citizens of Divjakë to benefit from better public service delivery through One Stop Shop Information System, now available

September 13, 2019

Citizens in Divjaka receiving services through the new One Stop Shop Information System

Municipality of Divjake is the 27th to benefit from One Stop Shop Information System (OSSIS) which is now fully operational.

The specific features of OSSIS contribute to a fundamental improvement of the administrative services delivery from local governments, reducing significantly time, bureaucracy, and the distance for citizens. The adoption of the system will also empower decision makers with evidence on the organizational and individual performance contributing to greater efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Local administrative staff in Divjakë have been trained on the features of the system, service delivery, and administrative procedures prior to going live.

In Divjakë Municipality, OSSIS functions in a newly refurbished state-of-the-art facility, where local and central government services are offered in a common space based on customer care standards. With Divjaka, the number of such co-locations comes to five, with more planned to be launched in 2019, thus improving access to quality public services for citizens and businesses alike. This co-location comes as a result of the partnership with the Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services (ADISA) and the assistance of the UNDP implemented project ‘Support for Innovation against corruption: Building a citizen centric service delivery model in Albania’ (ISDA Support Project). Thanks to pooled funding from the Governments of Italy and Austria, the project supports the citizen-centric service delivery reform in Albania.

The One Stop Shop was inaugurated today in Divjakë in the presence of the Mr. Fredi Kokoneshi, Mayor of Divjaka, Mr. Lorin Ymeri the Executive Director of ADISA, Limya Eltayeb, Resident Representative of UNDP Albana, UNDP officials, development partners, as well as citizens of Divjaka.

Starting from early 2018, STAR2 Project in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Agency for Support of Local Governance, National Agency for Information Society and benefitting municipalities, advanced OSSIS business implementation. In 61 municipalities an average of 76 administrative services are catalogued, tested, validated. By the end of 2019, 49 municipalities across Albania are expected to utilize One Stop Shop Information System and add to the other 12 municipalities which have already similar systems in place. Currently STAR 2 project is working to strengthen institutional and administrative capacities of local administrations across the 61 municipalities of Albania; increase the efficiency of local service delivery and enhance local democracy.

STAR 2 enjoys support by many international development partners through a pooled funding mechanism. International partners include: the European Union, the Government of Sweden through Swedish International Development Agency, the Government of Italy through Italian Development Cooperation, Swiss Government through Swiss Development Cooperation, the United States through the United States Agency for International Development and UNDP and the Government of Albania. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Interior in partnership with UNDP.


For media inquiries contact: Nora Kushti, UNDP Communications Specialist