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UNDP in Albania

Our Team

Who are the decision makers?

The UNDP Resident Representative acts on behalf of the UNDP Administrator, and is the head of the country office being ultimately responsible for programmme and operational activities of UNDP, the quality and sustainability of UNDP interventions, including UNDP policies and procedures.


UNDP Albania's Team 

UNDP CO staff  on FTA                             7

UNDP CO staff  on PA                               9

UNDP CO personnel on NPSA                11

UNDP Project personnel on NPSA         81

UNDP-Albania Country Office Team

Monica MERINOUNDP Resident
Francisco ROQUETTEDeputy Resident
Alma MUSTAFARAJOperations
Vladimir MALKAJProgramme Specialist
Entela LAKOProgramme Specialist
Eno NGJELAProgramme
Elvita SPAHIUProgramme Specialist
Nora KUSHTICommunications
Suhejla DIBRAProcurement
Ilda FRANGUFinance
Enkelejda KOCIHuman Resources
Xhesi MANEProgramme
Olesja CILIExecutive
Alketa HAKLAJCommunications
Enereta AliçkaProgramme 
Dorina CanajProgramme 
Suela CULLIFinance
Megi KRISTULITravel and Admin  
Rudina AHMETAJOperations
Klaudio PRIFTIArchiving and Premises
Kebiana DOCIProgramme 
Silvana MALAJProgramme 
Abi DODBIBAQuality Assurance, Monitoring & Evaluation 
Juna KALOProgramme