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UNDP Albania

Funding and delivery


Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

UNDP Albania partners with a number of international development organizations which provide the majority of funding for our programme areas as articulated in the Government of Albania-United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026 and Country Programme Document Albania (2022-2026).

Funding for UNDP also comes from the Albania SDG Acceleration Fund. As a common pool of resources, it allows the UN to direct funds to the highest priorities of Government of Albania-United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026 as determined by the Government and the United Nations.  

UNDP's core resources are used as seed funding to kick start programmes, demonstrate initial results and to leverage funding for scaling up of critical interventions. Thus, our core resources are used to leverage our technical and managerial expertise and to provide a programmatic framework for our partners to make investments into strategic areas of support.

The number and diversity of donors contributing to UNDP programmes confirms the confidence of the national government and the international and local community in our role as a partner of choice for sustainable development.

The following graphs show where our funding comes from and how it is spent. Sharing this information is part of UNDP’s commitment to transparency and accountability to our funders, partners, project participants and the public.

To explore more parameters of our funding, please go to open.undp.org.