Accelerating Equitable and Sustainable Development in Africa: Launch of the 4th Africa Sustainable Development Report

February 23, 2022

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This event will launch the 2020 Africa Sustainable Development Report (2020 ASDR) at the side event of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD 8) on 28 February 2022 at 2-3:30pm (Kigali Time GMT+2) virtually. The 2020 ASDR is a joint publication by the African Union Commission, UN Economic Commission for Africa, African Development Bank and UNDP’s Africa bureau.  This annual report provides a comprehensive analysis of Africa’s progress towards implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the African Union’s Agenda 2063.  It does so by analyzing underlying issues, interlinkages among goals, and policy options for accelerating progress going forward. The 2020 ASDR analyses Africa’s progress towards the SDGs under five pillars: People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace, and Partnerships. These Pillars closely correspond to the five transformational outcomes of Agenda 2063 and provide the publication a more analytical framework.

This event will bring together representatives of public institutions, private sector, and development partners to discuss the best practices and lessons from the 2020 ASDR and strategize about how best to accelerate the coherent implementation of the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063 and reinforce the continent’s institutional capacities to build forward better towards sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery in the Decade of Action.

Read the executive summary: "2020 Africa Sustainable Development Report: Towards Recovery and Sustainable Development in the Decade of Action".