Covid-19 Impact Assessment on Persons with Disabilities in Zambia

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Covid-19 Impact Assessment on Persons with Disabilities in Zambia

January 10, 2024

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) were amongst the most hard-hit groups by the COVID-19 pandemic due to their underlying conditions. PWDs were faced with various challenges which resulted in limited means to survive and provide better options for their families. The third wave of the COVID-19 worsened the situation as their economic activities slowed down and negatively affected most of them due to their heavy dependency on support from Government and other informal support.

Addressing the current challenges and barriers faced by Persons with Disabilities requires coordinated efforts and commitment by the Government, private sectors and partners in the spirit of whole-of government and whole-of-society approach. This will require great creativity and a unique opportunity to design and implement disability-inclusive COVID-19 response and recovery, as well as building a more inclusive and accessible societies, in consultation with Persons with Disabilities. This report will provide in-depth information with regards to the effects and impact of the pandemic in the country, including the proposed recommendations to all the development partners on how we can improve the lives of the PWDs.

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