UNDP Calls for Continued Efforts to Advance Gender Equality in the Zambia Police Service

July 25, 2023
Resident Representative, James Wakiaga and the Project Coordinator for the GRZ-UN joint Programme on GBV joined by police officials

Resident Representative, James Wakiaga and the Project Coordinator for the GRZ-UN joint Programme on GBV joined by the Deputy Inspector General of the Police, Alita Mbahwe alongside senior police officials

Zambia Police Service

Lusaka, 20th July 2023 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has continued its call for concerted efforts amongst men and women in the Police Service to achieve gender equality amidst concerns that the global Gender Inequality Index (GII) value is not on track.

The UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. James Wakiaga said this during a Zambia Police Service (ZPS) workshop organized to review and validate a Training Guide, which was developed to accompany the recently launched ZPS Gender Equality Workplace Policy with support from the Elsie Initiative under the Canadian Government.

“The world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030. A 2023 UNDP report, Breaking Down Gender Biases - Shifting social norms towards gender equality, shows that the global Gender Inequality Index (GII) value, UNDP’s composite measure of gender inequality in empowerment, has remained stagnant since 2019.  The outlook is further diminished by a global backlash against women’s rights and the lasting devastation of the multidimensional human development crises that followed the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Without your conviction, dedication and full participation, advancement of gender equality will not reach the standards set under the SDGs and various national documents such as the constitution and the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP),” said Mr. Wakiaga. 

With these persistent biases, it is important to be resolute in the implementation of the Gender Equality Workplace Policy so that we Leave No-One Behind in our quest to fulfil Agenda 2030. The Training Guide and IEC materials that were reviewed and validated are important tools that will enable the operationalisation of the ZPS Gender Equality Workplace Policy. 

The Deputy Inspector General, Alita Mbahwe reaffirmed ZPS' commitment to gender mainstreaming as an essential aspect in policing, noting:

“Zambia Police Service recognizes that gender equality and equity are a pedestal for cohesion and productivity in our in our institution. It is also a fact that having a fairly equal representation of both women and men in the workplace brings benefits including the different perspectives and approaches that come from different life experiences due to gender inclusiveness"

Ms. Mbahwe reiterated that the successful implementation of the Gender Workplace Policy depends on the successful development and dissemination of IEC materials and a Training Guide within Zambia Police Service. 

The workshop recognized the hard-work of the technical experts within the ZPS – men and women in uniform – who tirelessly developed the IEC materials and training guide that is needed to operationalise the Gender Workplace Policy.