2021 Gender Annual Fact Sheet

2021 Gender Annual Fact Sheet

December 19, 2022


UNDP Yemen aims to ensure gender-responsive design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation throughout all projects: 

  1. Rule of Law
  2. Peace Support Facility (PSF)
  3. Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Food Security in Yemen Joint Programme (ERRY II)
  4. Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Programme (YECRP)
  5. Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen (SIERY)
  6. Emergency Mine Action
  7. Rebuilding Livelihoods and Capacities of Conflict-Affected Small-Scale Fisheries Households in Aden and Hadramout (RELACC)
  8. Rapid Financing Facility (RFF)
  9. Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protection Services for Conflict-Affected Communities in Aden and Lahj (BRISCC)
  10. Vocational and Business Skills Training and Support Project
  11. Youth Leadership Programme 7


UNDP Yemen aims to apply gender responsive policies in all internal operational processes while also building staff capacity.

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