New Pumps Ensure Access to Clean Water for Over 1 Million Yemenis

In one of the world’s most water-scarce countries, UNDP is enabling access to lifesaving groundwater by providing local communities with critical equipment

Posted October 8, 2020

Checking on the received water pumps by officials from UNDP and local authorities. Photo Credit: UNDP Yemen

Aden, Yemen – The people of Aden have been experiencing chronic water shortages, in part due to their reliance on aged and damaged water pumps in local wells. Submersible engine-pumps are expected to improve access to clean water for almost 1.1 million Yemenis living in the port-city of Aden, in the country’s south.

The United Nations Development Programmed (UNDP), in partnership with the Public Works Project (PWP), and with generous funding from the Government of Japan, delivered 10 submersible engine-pumps to the Local Water and Sanitary Corporation (LWSC) in August, which have since helped to re-operationalise 10 existing wells. Two additional pumps will be delivered at a later date.  

“The provision of engine-pumps, including their cables and control panels, to re-operationalise wells in the Bir Nasser and Bir Ahmed water fields, will increase the water supply by 20,000 cubic metres of drinking water daily, and alleviate pressure on the existing infrastructure,” said Mr. Fathi Assaqaf, former Head of LWSC in Aden.

The new engine-pumps replaced older units between two to five years old and will work constantly to supply clean water to the local residents and businesses relying on these wells for their daily subsistence.

“Access to clean water is a basic human right. People cannot enjoy a stable, healthy, and decent life without water. With the Government of Japan support, Aden’s water supply will greatly improve. This is especially critical at this time with the added pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic to improve hygiene and stop the spread of the virus,” remarked UNDP Head of Sub-Office in Aden, Salma El Hag Yousif.


The support to the Local Water and Sanitation Corporation comes within a series of activities delivered through UNDP’s Crisis Support for Solid Waste, Water Supply and Sewage Institutions in Aden and Mukalla Cities Project. The project focuses on local capacity building and the rehabilitation of infrastructure to reduce water-related diseases; contribute to a stronger economy by increasing productivity; and, contribute to stability by allowing communities to enjoy the benefits of peace.

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