Strengthening MSME Business Membership Organizations in Ukraine: Phase II

Project Background:

Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) provide work for more than 4 million people in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has been increasing its efforts to undertake economic reforms and create a business-enabling environment for enterprises, and to strengthen the position of MSMEs in the economy. Business membership organizations (BMOs) are an essential component of the business support infrastructure. 

During the period from 2015 to 2018, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and with the financial support from Swiss government, UNDP supported BMOs through Phase I of the “Strengthening SME Business Membership Organizations” Project. 

Goals and Objectives:

The objective of the project’s Phase II is to scale-up the support for the MSME sector in Ukraine and improve its competitiveness through developing more professional, demand-driven and client-oriented BMOs. 

The objective will be achieved by strengthening organizational development, improving the governance and operational management of BMOs, facilitating access to and utilization of business development services by MSMEs, as well as facilitating a professional public-private dialogue to improve the regulatory framework and overall business environment for MSMEs. Due consideration will be given to women’s economic empowerment and promoting “green” practices among MSMEs.

Expected Results:

·        MSME sector representativeness through professional BMOs has increased;

·        MSMEs increasingly benefit from business development services provided by BMOs to enhance their competitiveness;

·        The business environment for MSMEs is improved through an inclusive, representative and effective public-private dialogue.

Implementing partners:

·       Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

·       SME Development Office


1)     Association "Ukrainian Association of Furniture Makers"

2)     Association of Milk Producers

3)     Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine

4)     NGO "Vinnytsia Regional Organization" Union of Entrepreneurs "Wall"

5)     NGO "Union for the Promotion of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine"

6)     Public organization "Interaction-Plus"

7)     Non-Governmental Organization "MLT Business Women's Club"

8)     NGO "Business People Club of Ukraine"

9)     NGO Platform "Ukrainian Platform for Women in Business"

10)  Public Union "Association of Managers and Managers of Residential Real Estate"

11)  Carpathian Taste Public Union

12)  Public Union "Organic Ukraine"

13)  Public Union "Poltava Business Association"

14)  Public Union "Interregional Union of Poultry and Feed Producers of Ukraine"

15)  Public Union Western Ukrainian Fashion Industry Cluster

16)  Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry

17)  Zaporozhye Chamber of Commerce and Industry

18)  Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry

19)  League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine

20)  Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

21)  Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

22)  CCI of Ukraine

23)  Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry

24)  Ukrainian Association of Light Industry Enterprises "Ukrlegprom"

25)  Ukrainian Door Association

26) Kharkiv Regional Non-Governmental Organization "Association of Private Employers"

27)  Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry