Winners revealed in UNDP-GIZ business support organization grant contes

Commissioned by the EU and the German Government, UNDP and GIZ selected five consortia of business support organizations to help ensure a sustained economic recovery in Ukraine

August 3, 2023
Photo: UNDP in Ukraine

KYIV, 3 August 2023 – After a rigorous vetting process, UNDP has chosen five consortia of business support organizations to receive special financial assistance, bolstering their capacity to drive Ukraine's inclusive economic recovery. The total grant budget is EUR 200.000, so each consortia won up to EUR 50.000 (the exact amount depends on each project application). The competition is part of a business support programme designed to equip Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) with essential tools to sustain their presence in the war-torn market.

Amidst challenging circumstances, these businesses often find themselves struggling to survive and adapt. In a collaborative effort, UNDP and the German federal company “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH”, jointly developed the Small Grants Programme to provide strategic support to MSMEs, helping them weather the current crisis.

UNDP Resident Representative Jaco Cilliers emphasized the crucial role of the private sector in providing essential products, services, and livelihoods. "In the midst of challenging times, when Ukrainian nation faces the trials of war, it is the determination of MSMEs that emerges as the true backbone of the economy," he said. “We are grateful to our partners at GIZ for joining us in this endeavor to create the necessary conditions to support them."  

The competition outlined clear criteria for the submission, selection, and evaluation of each project proposal. The following selected projects, five in total, were chosen to receive the necessary financial support and guidance to make a significant impact on Ukraine's economic recovery:

  1. "Workshop of Taste": Initiated by the NGO "Food Cluster East Ukraine," this technological coworking space creation aims to foster innovation and collaboration within the food industry.
  2. Farming Development Center: Led by the NGO "Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development," this initiative seeks to revitalize and strengthen agricultural practices in the region.
  3. Innovative Fundraising Service Model: Developed by the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, aims to enable MSMEs to access much-needed funds through innovative fundraising methods.
  4. Support of Ukrainian SMEs (SU4SMEs): Headed by the NGO "Future Strategy," this project focuses on providing comprehensive support to Ukrainian SMEs, helping them navigate the challenging business landscape.
  5. IN:SURE UA Programme: Pioneered by the NGO "Garage Gang," this program aims to invest in sustainable and resilient enterprises across Ukraine, fostering long-term economic growth.

"By joining consortia, each of the business support organizations gets even more opportunities to develop its own expert environment owing to the experience and knowledge exchange with partner organizations. And therefore, they will be able to increase their capacity and increase the number of services for small and medium-sized businesses to help it resile and grow," explained Maryna Kovtun, Head of component for business organizations and SMEs support in the EU4Business programme, GIZ.

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