UNDP and Switzerland support forum for post-war recovery and development strategy of Ukraine

Over 100 experts from various fields, opinion leaders, government representatives, business, and civil society members from Ukraine, France, and the UK actively participated in the discussion.

September 12, 2023
Photo: Serhii Martyniuk / League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine

Kyiv, 8 September 2023 – A host of experts in a wide range of fields took part in the “InterUAction: A Positive Scenario for Ukraine's Recovery and Development” international forum, which was held in Kyiv on 8 September 2023.

This significant event was organized by the MSME business membership organizations “League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine” in collaboration with the Melitopol Business Women's Club, and was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Swiss Confederation, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The goal of the event was to bring together a team of experts to create a concept for a development and recovery strategy for Ukraine, its regions, and communities, as well as to establish a proactive coalition of change-makers. The recommendations generated during the event will be forwarded to Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers, the President`s Office, the country’s legislative and executive authorities, and local communities. 

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Christophoros Politis underscored the immediate need for Ukraine to articulate its recovery strategy: “A well-defined plan, a grasp of available resources, and the ability to seize the opportunities are vital for Ukrainians to rebuild a resilient and sustainable nation,' Politis said. “Rebuilding after war is not linear; it's multifaceted and demands contributions from multiple stakeholders.”

The head of the League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine, Yuliia Zayika, underscored the practical significance of the forum, saying, “Usually, (initiatives) move from the centre outward, but we aim to reverse this pattern and (first) consider the issues, difficulties, and aspirations of local communities.” 

During the forum, eight specialized groups were formed, each focusing on different aspects of Ukraine's recovery – from economic revitalization to social, cultural, and information initiatives. Their objective was to create practical recommendations, prioritizing real-world applicability over theoretical considerations.

The head of the Melitopol Business Women's Club, Anna Cherkashyna, said that having a vision for the development of regions once they return to Ukrainian government control is crucial. Cherkashyna's organization relocated from Melitopol, in Zaporizhzhya Oblast, and the forum gave her the opportunity to bring society's attention to the repercussions of the Russian Federation military control over the region. Working together with their colleagues, Cherkashyna's organization is actively preparing for Ukraine's post-war recovery, with a particular emphasis on understanding the differing impacts the war has had on each region. 

The forum was organized within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian "Strengthening MSME Business Membership Organizations in Ukraine" project, which is implemented by UNDP in Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and with the support of Switzerland.

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