Ukraine works to ensure post-war energy sector recovery is clean, green and affordable

Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy signs new agreement with UNDP

May 30, 2022

Energy Deputy Minister Yaroslav Demchenkov (left) and UNDP acting Resident Representative Manal Fouani (right) sign a memorandum of understanding. Kyiv, 30 May 2022.

Photo courtesy: Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

KYIV, 30 May 2022 – Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the United Nations Development Programme to design and implement several initiatives to ensure the country’s post-war reconstruction is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. According to the agreement, both parties will work towards rebuilding an energy system that is more resilient to environmental, technical, social and governance risks.

Yaroslav Demchenkov, Energy Deputy Minister, said his ministry’s goal is to maintain the stability of the energy sector during the war while preparing build it back better when the conflict ends. “I am confident that strengthening cooperation with the UN Development Programme will help restore the country's energy infrastructure and strengthen energy independence by increasing the country's energy efficiency and implementing a 'green' energy transition,” he said.

Manal Fouani, acting UNDP Resident Representative, said her organization will first launch a damage assessment of the energy infrastructure with multiple partners. “We will then work with the ministry to create a strategic roadmap for the urgent recovery of Ukraine’s energy sector, prioritizing solutions that are clean, green and accessible,” she said. “Clean in that the energy doesn’t pollute; green meaning it is sustainable and renewable; and accessible in that it should be available and affordable to all.”

UNDP will work closely with ministry counterparts to mobilize public and private sources funding for low-carbon energy, efficiency, conservation and sustainability projects.

Through this new programme, UNDP will advise the Government on further ways the Sustainable Development Goals can be integrated into its legal instruments and strategic documents, concrete actions to support to its global commitments within the context of both the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Agenda 2030.

“The shift towards renewable energies is not just good for the environment, it is great for the economy,” said Fouani.  “Our commitment is to support the Government to rebuild its damaged infrastructure in a way that creates jobs, stimulates economic growth and returns the country to its pre-war trajectory towards a modern, inclusive and prosperous state.”

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