Post-Crisis Recovery and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons: Slavutych town successfully completes M4EG Project

May 30, 2024
Photo: Dmytrii Korchak / UNDP Ukraine

Slavutych, Ukraine, May 29, 2024 — The "Unbreakable Ukraine" interregional forum took place in Slavutych town on May 29. This forum was the final event of a project implemented under the Mayors for Economic Growth Facility, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

After the occupation by Russian troops in February-April 2022, Slavutych faced a deep crisis: about 20 percent of the population left the town, and micro and small businesses were on the verge of closing. In addition, the town has become a refuge for several thousand internally displaced persons, which has proven to be a challenge for the local infrastructure. 

As part of the project, the local team implemented several measures to respond to this crisis. One of the main achievements was the creation and approval of a plan for the comprehensive restoration and development of Slavutych. This plan documented the current state of the town after the occupation, and identified key areas for its recovery and development. 

Local authorities have taken a clear position on the internally displaced people, and see them as new Slavutych residents who have found a second home in the town. Among other achievements, the project helped to create a shelter for internally displaced persons, establish an Adaptation and Integration Centre, create an information chatbot, and conduct several educational and business training events. 

In addition, in May 2024, local initiatives in three other communities — Kharkiv, Velyki Luchky, and Chortkiv — were successfully completed under the Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) Facility. This brings the total number of completed local initiatives under the M4EG Response and Recovery Programme to 10.   

A web platform was created in Kharkiv to host 3D models of the city's future master plan, including scans of three historic buildings. A centre for collecting and processing wild plants was established in Velyki Luchky; the centre also provides training and has created three new jobs. Chortkiv opened the doors of the newly created Social Services Centre, which provides training and workshops and created four new jobs for internally displaced persons. 

"The Mayors for Economic Growth Facility provides the resources needed for Ukrainian communities to implement anti-crisis initiatives. Local initiatives allow communities to adapt to new realities, contributing to their recovery and development. Thanks to the initiatives supported, we see communities discovering new meaning and new approaches to development, giving their residents hope for a better future," summarizes Mustafa Sait-Ametov, UNDP Ukraine's Regional Development Programme Manager. 

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