Kharkiv signs memorandum of understanding with UNDP on enhancing city's infrastructure and energy efficiency

April 5, 2024

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov (left) and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Jaco Cilliers (right).

Photo credit: Khrakiv City Council

KHARKIV, 4 April 2024 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine and Kharkiv City Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on deepened cooperation in the restoration of damaged infrastructure and improving the city's energy efficiency.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Jaco Cilliers signed the MoU during a visit by a UNDP delegation to the eastern Ukrainian city.

The purpose of the agreement is to establish a framework for cooperation between the UNDP in Ukraine and Kharkiv city authorities to facilitate collaboration in various areas of common interest. It foresees implementing joint activities, programmes, and projects aimed at immediate crisis response and recovery, and then sustainable, inclusive and green development. 

The memorandum marks a significant step forward in the collaborative efforts between Kharkiv and UNDP to enhance the city's resilience and pave the way for sustainable development. The areas of cooperation outlined in the MoU include:

  • promoting community-level mechanisms for transparent and inclusive recovery;

  • supporting the private sector for local economic growth;

  • environmental protection;

  • assistance to internally displaced persons and socially disadvantaged groups;

  • ensuring safe access to war-affected areas;

  • promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency;

  • conducting assessments of damage caused by military action;

  • developing emergency programmes for critical infrastructure;

  • raising financing for energy sector programmes;

  • and building resilience in the energy sector and overall economy.

Expressing gratitude for UNDP's assistance in various projects such as rubble removal, the dismantling of damaged buildings, and the reconstruction of housing for Kharkiv residents, Mayor Terekhov emphasized the need for additional resources to stabilize the city’s electricity supply situation.

"Thank you for the work you have done,” Terekhov said to the UNDP delegation. “You have seen the extent of the destruction of our housing and infrastructure, and you probably understand that no city in the world would be able to cope with this by itself.”

“In particular, after the recent shelling of the power station and substations in the region, it’s especially important for us to normalize the operation of the energy system. And we already have joint experience in implementing similar projects, for example, when installing a solar power plant in one of Kharkiv’s hospitals.”

The UNDP in Ukraine’s Cilliers, in turn, highlighted UNDP's commitment to assisting Kharkiv in various initiatives related to energy supply and the restoration of damaged infrastructure facilities.

"We’re looking for ways to help Kharkiv with energy supply,” Cilliers said. “This morning, we had the opportunity to visit lots of residential buildings that were badly damaged or even completely destroyed. And we aim to support the city in eliminating their emergency situation in the safest way, and then to begin reconstruction.”

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