How to be productive in times of crisis: new educational courses for public officials on Diia.Digital education platform

Educational courses will help public officials to effectively address challenges related to the war.

April 5, 2023
UNDP Ukraine/Andrii Krepkykh

Kyiv, 5 April 2023 – Three online courses for public officials presented today on the Diia. Digital education platform – “Communications in times of crisis”, “Crisis communications for human resources”, and “International humanitarian law and international human rights standards in war settings” – provide guidance on how to communicate in crisis conditions and promote human rights during war. 

The course will help public officials to understand:

  • how stress affects people and how to deal with it,
  • how to communicate difficult subjects applying a culture of dialogue,
  • how to act in difficult conditions, 
  • how international humanitarian law affects public service during a state of martial law.

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation and European Integration Valeria Ionan said that the Ministry of Digital Transformation is paying close attention to the development of the educational series of videos that will enable public officials to build effective interactions and communications with people. 

“Together with the team of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service we have developed this educational series of videos at Diia. Digital Education to enhance public officials’ capacity to build internal communication strategies and to equip them with tools to address the crisis situations which emerge in today’s world.” 

UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Jaco Cilliers stressed that during the warm sustainable and effective public service is of critical importance for efficient crisis response. 

“Every day public officials help millions of men and women in Ukraine to address immediate issues and to receive life-saving services in a timely fashion. Effective communications based on the principles of respect for human rights are vitally important during the war. Our ultimate objective is to assist civil servants to remain efficient and highly professional under the toughest conditions,” – he said. 

The educational series of videos will help public officials to enhance their effectiveness. They will be better prepared for decision making and effective communication with others. 

“Today, along with the presentation of three educational series of videos we discussed challenges related to the war. They are the reason behind the development of these courses. With the beginning of the full-scale war, our country has been suffering loss, grief, and disappointment. All these left an imprint on the everyday work of the public sector. Thus, we are raising the issue of public officials’ role in realization of human rights. We are discussing practical experience in areas retaken by the Government of Ukraine, of how to communicate internally and externally during the crisis,” – said Natalia Alyushyna, Head of the National Agency of Ukraine for the Civil Service.

The educational course on communications in crisis situations comprises 10 videos, each 6-12 minutes long. The course provides guidelines and recommendations for effective communications in times of crisis, self-care and care for family and close ones. 

The online course “Crisis communications for human resources” is developed for human resources managers who work in public service. It includes 6 videos, each 7–11 minutes long, and provides recommendations on how to enhance communications inside the team. 

The educational series of videos “International humanitarian law and international human rights standards during the war setting” comprises 19 videos, each 5-10 minutes long. They provide clarifications on international humanitarian law and how it affects public service. 

Watch online educational series of videos on Diia. Digital Education

These educational courses were developed at the initiative of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, national project Diia. Digital Education with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine and with financial support from the governments of Denmark and Germany.