EU and UNDP support Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’s communities to address the challenges of war: outcomes of the Local Development Forum

This gathering convened representatives from local authorities, the police, the State Emergency Service and the public sector to delineate pathways for further community-led recovery

December 15, 2023
Photo credit: Oleksii Kovalov / UNDP in Ukraine

DNIPRO, 14 December 2023 — The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine and the Dnipropetrovsk OblastAdministration organized the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Local Development Forum with financial support from the European Union (EU).

The forum featured four panel discussions, focusing on enhancing community security measures in host communities, transitioning from emergency response to long-term recovery and development, fostering new socio-economic opportunities and reintegrating veterans. It particularly emphasized engaging displaced public organizations in the region’s recovery and development processes.

Over 100 representatives from local authorities, the police, the State Emergency Service and the public sector participated in the event.

Serhii Lysak, the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration, stressed that collaboration and communication are pivotal for the region’s communities’ sustainable development. “Constructive dialogue and communication expedite efforts toovercome today’s challenges, and expand opportunities for Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’s communities,” he said.

Stefan Schleuning, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, underscored that communities closer to the frontline need particular attention and assistance. “These localities have borne the brunt, sheltering thousands of people affected by the war, people who have lost their homes, support and sense of safety,” he said. “Events like the Local Development Forum enable us to better understand the needs of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’s communities, and aid them to surmount difficulties caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.”

Christophoros Politis, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Ukraine, lauded Dnipropetrovsk Oblast as a shining example of Ukrainian unity and unwavering support. “We at UNDP, and myself personally, are deeply impressed by the region’s remarkable transition from humanitarian aid to a focused effort on swift recovery and development,” he said. “This forum serves as a critical platform to collaborate on a comprehensive strategy for moving forward. Prioritizing recovery while incorporating the valuable experiences and visions of the communities themselves will be key to success.”

Following the full-scale Russian Federation invasion in Ukraine, UNDP and the EU remain actively engaged in supporting Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’s communities. Our joint efforts span from establishing shelters for displaced persons and backing displaced public organizations to organizing inclusive leisure activities for internally displaced children and parents.


The forum was organized by the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration with the support of UNDP in Ukraine in the framework of “EU4Recovery – Empowering Communities in Ukraine” project, and with financial support from the European Union.

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The Local Development Forum in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast