UNDP launches a research project on the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process in the regions of Ukraine

December 6, 2018

Kyiv, December 6, 2018 –  The comprehensive study of the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process is now underway in all 24 oblasts of Ukraine. The research initiative will continue until the local elections in 2020.  

In November 2018, the project team developed a methodology that will explore democracy at the regional and local levels with a focus on its inclusiveness and integrity. Selected experts will collect and analyse available information, and interview more than 400 stakeholders to get a better understanding of democratic processes in each oblast.

“The results of the study will improve our understanding of how the practice of democratic governance in Ukraine is shaped by the principles of inclusiveness and integrity, and what the biggest obstacles are in this regard, says Marcus Brand, the Democratic Governance Advisor at UNDP Ukraine.

“We will speak to local governments, parties, civil society organizations and active citizens, as well as the media. Regional presentations and public discussions on inclusiveness and integrity are planned in the oblasts of Ukraine to explore how these issues affect the democratic process,” Brand added.

The project will analyse the conditions and parameters for integrity to take hold in the democratic process, and to better provide for inclusiveness. The focus will be on the long-term trends, barriers and obstacles for integrity and inclusiveness in the democratic process of Ukraine.

The effort will be analytical and diagnostic in nature, but also aims at the larger, longer term objective of building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, including by substantially reducing corruption and ensuring responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making.

The integrity of the democratic process is based on ethical principles, such as transparency, openness and accountability. It is also related to the fight against corruption and its prevention. By ensuring the openness of information on money in politics and the access of all citizens to participate in all important decisions, the democratic process can be more open.

The inclusiveness of the democratic process aims to ensure the full and equal participation of all citizens regardless of age, gender identity, disability, residency, sexual orientation, nationality or economic situation in society, social and political life, and civic activism, elections, and decision making by the authorities.

Research on the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process in the oblasts of Ukraine is conducted in the framework of the UNDP Democracy Governance Programme with support from Global Affairs Canada, the Embassy of France to Ukraine and the International Solidarity Fund (Poland).

Media inquiries: Yuliia Samus, Communications Team Leader, UNDP Ukraine, +38 097 139 14 75, yuliia.samus@undp.org