“Public officials” – a new series of educational videos for those interested in how law and governance work in Ukraine

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, at the initiative of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, and with support from UNDP and the governments of Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland have developed a new educational course about public officials for all Ukrainians.

May 19, 2023
UNDP Ukraine/Serhiy Minenko

Who are public officials? How do they differ from civil servants? How can one join the public service? These questions and more are addressed in the series 'Public Officials,' which is available on the Diia.Education platform for students, school graduates, aspiring public servants, and all other citizens of Ukraine.

Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration said: "At the Ministry of Digital Transformation, we are building the most user-friendly digital state in the world, giving public officials the opportunity to be at the forefront of the country's transformation and drive change. Through collaborative educational projects with the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, we aim to demonstrate that public service is a viable choice for proactive youth."

The educational series of videos comprises 10 series, each 7-10 minutes long. The videos explain in simple terms how the governance and law work in Ukraine. They provide practical guidance on how to exercise the rights and opportunities guaranteed by the state, and where to find information about them. Furthermore, it debunks myths about public officials and offers a guide about where to address enquiries to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Jaco Cilliers, UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine. Said that  a crucial long-term objective for Ukraine is to bolster youth engagement and civic participation, and promote inclusive, efficient, and democratic governance. “The war in Ukraine has deeply affected the lives of young people, resulting in disruptions to education, displacement, and psychological trauma,“ he said. “However, despite these formidable challenges, Ukraine’s youth and civic activists continue to be a driving force, and this educational course will help them better understand public service and how they can contribute to the country’s rapid recovery, together with public officials."

Natalia AlyushynaHead of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, said: "We often face stereotypical perceptions and myths about public service. Today, more than ever, it is crucial for the public service system to be understandable and closer to the people. In our new educational series, we present complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner,” she said. “This series was produced to expand knowledge about the power structure in Ukraine, the work of public officials, and their main responsibilities. We hope that the course will be useful to every citizen. It is important to us that the acquired knowledge helps with everyday life. And perhaps this topic will motivate some people to join public service."

The course will help the audience understand: 

  • How public authorities work in Ukraine
  • The tasks performed by public servants
  • The structure of the public service in Ukraine
  • How to exercise the rights and opportunities provided by the state
  • The importance of civil society and everyone’s role in its formation
  • The Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation in Ukraine and globally 

The educational course was developed at the initiative of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine and financial support from the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.