Podcast: How to advance gender equality in crisis settings?

December 7, 2022


On 9 November 2022, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched the 10-Point Action Agenda for Gender Equality in Crisis Settings (10PAA), a roadmap to guide development programming to transform and advance gender equality in crisis contexts.

This podcast highlights key discussions during the launch event, focusing on transformational approaches to address inequalities and advance gender equality in crisis and conflict-affected countries.

The podcast features the following speakers:

  • Asako Okai, Director of UNDP Crisis Bureau and UN Assistant Secretary-General
  • Åsa Regner, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women for Policy, Programme, Civil Society and Intergovernmental Support, and UN Assistant Secretary-General
  • Maryna Bardina, Member of Parliament in Ukraine
  • Mahbouba Seraj, Women’s Rights Activist and Journalist in Afghanistan
  • Dr. Henri Myrttinen, Lead Associate at the Gender Associations International in Germany
  • Stephanie Seguino, Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Vermont in the United States
  • Anou Borrey, Senior Gender Advisor to UNDP’s Gender and Crisis Facility
  • Virginie Blanchard, Judicial Affairs Officer at UNSOM and UNDP in Somalia