People from abroad can now support Ukraine

April 21, 2022

From now on, Ukrainians can get direct help from people all around the world via the eDopomoga site



Kyiv, 21 April 2022 – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine, with the support of the government of Sweden, has provided technical support for the development of the eDopomoga platform. The platform was developed by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with support from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and was launched in March 2022.

The site was developed to bring together people who are seeking support and those who can help them. Ukrainians affected by the war can leave an application with a list of things they need, and benefactors can buy and provide the goods that are needed.

In mid-April, a new feature appeared on the site – Help online. From now on, after selecting an application for help, users can pay for a social certificate for the necessary goods so that the applicant can buy them for themselves. That way, people from abroad can now use the site and provide direct help to Ukrainians.

To do so, people abroad can now go to the eDopomoga site, switch the site to their language (as well as Ukrainian, the site supports English, Polish, German and French), and click “Help Fast” in the “Help online” section to the left. Having entered a contact number, the user then selects one of the applications for assistance and enters the amount they are willing to give in support of the applicant. Once the user has completed the payment, the applicant who has been helped will receive an SMS with a code. They can use the code in any store that is a partner of the eDopomoga platform, redeeming it for the goods indicated in their application.

UNDP provided technical assistance for the development of the platform under the “Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Support to Digitalisation of Public Services in Ukraine Project” project (DIA Support Project), which it implements with the financial support of Sweden. The DIA Support Project was launched in 2021 and aims to bridge the digital divide between different generations and different social groups. Its main goal is to increase the accessibility of new digital solutions so that everyone in the country can use public electronic services and no one is left behind.

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