Digital imaginings:

Women's campAIgn for equality 

This exhibition features the visions and work of eight women across Europe and Central Asia working in different ways to give women more opportunities, justice and power in their communities. 

So what does the digital interpretation of gender equality look like?  

We asked their thoughts on gender equality and the most pressing issues of women’s rights in their communities. Their answers and visual cues served as the prompts for the AI-generated digital art featured on the walls of this virtual gallery.  

Ironically, creating this artwork with the assistance of AI was a reminder of the gender-biases that exist in the digital realm, especially when it comes to stereotypes and the western, men-dominated infrastructure that sits behind the scenes. While women in theory have the same opportunities and representation as men, the inherent bias and systems are still, often invisibly, at work.  

Come join us in the gallery...

This year’s International Women’s Day celebrates the power of digital innovation and technology for promoting women's rights.  

Digital technology and innovation have given us new ways and tools to bring women and men together on more equal footing in jobs, society and civic spaces.  They have allowed women more freedom of movement, ways to stay safer and access to networks, all of which contribute to new opportunities and more sustainable development for all. Women not only benefit from these technologies, but also use the power of innovation and technology to create a better world for women and girls. 

This exhibition is a collaboration between UNDP Europe and Central Asia’s Communications and Gender Equality teams and UNDP country offices, with help from Dall-E.