Strengthening institutional and technical capacity of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan to implement 2030 Agenda

What is the project about

Realization in practice of the proposed SDG monitoring system including an effective implementation of new functions and tasks which were assigned upon the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan with respect of SDG monitoring will require a huge work and considerable costs to the Government of Turkmenistan including financial and human resources. In this respect, United Nations Development Programme being a global UN network in development and supporting reforms and providing access to sources of knowledge, practical experience and resources with a view to achieve Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, proposes a technical assistance in strengthening institutional and technical capacity in the SDG implementation to the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan.

This project is based on recommendations provided during the self-assessment of the institutional structure and functioning which was carried out by the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan in 2014 with a view to identify the opportunities for improvement. The assessment was carried out by means of using a modified version of internationally accepted methodology of the global assessment adapted with support of Eurostat, EEC and EFTA which was successfully applied in the countries of Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia.

The objectives of this project agreed by the UNDP and State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan is to strengthen institutional and technical capacity aiming at monitoring of SDG implementation. In this regard, the project activities aim at equipping of the building of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan with state-of-art computer equipment and multimedia technologies; and developing of innovative methods of statistical data presentation.